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          Engineering and Manufacturing Support         

Create quality in your mechanical system designs, reduce prototyping cost and manufacturing delays.

                   Sensitivity-Based Design                                    

Find, define, and manipulate system sensitivities to develop elegant and robust designs.

Over 20 years experience

Prairiefire, leaders in dimensional engineering, software neutral, and platform independent expertise in the fields of tolerance analysis and variation control techniques.

We improve quality by reducing its sensitivity to real-world variation, preventing and solving problems throughout the design and manufacturing cycle.

We emphasize purposeful design, focusing on the concrete effects of geometry and multi-physics, not just statistics.

Our contributions are unique, so case studies and an explanation of Sensitivity-Based Design may help clarify what we do and how we do it.

Example Studies

Knee Implant Alignment [PDF]

Turbo Bellows Fatigue [PDF]

Hydrostatic Transmission Power Loss [PDF]

Welded Lift Arm [PDF]


Force Balance to Resolve Overconstraint [PDF]

Float Reduction Estimation for Patterned Geometry [PDF]

Report Generation and Data Visualization [PDF]

Tools We Use