Corporate Design Strategy

A good corporate design strategy guides your company to proactively identify and prevent issues during development rather than reacting to problems during production. Similar to the integration of FEA and CFD tools, Prairiefire refines your engineering process with Sensitivity-Based Design strategy. This allows you to predict and avoid fit-up and performance failures caused by manufacturing, wear, and environmental variation.

Sensitivity-Based Design is most effective when embedded.
The cost savings comes from:
  • designed-in quality and reduced physical testing,
  • fewer in-production design changes, 
  • higher product quality by design, and
  • maximizing the value of analysis.
     We help you build from the basics to the goal.
Reduced physical testing
Sensitivity-Based Design allows quality to be known and embedded in the design rather than tweaking tolerances to chase quality during production. The results are increased savings and reduced risk by preventing manufacturing problems, warranty issues, and performance deficiencies from happening in the first place.

Fewer In-Production Design Changes

With Sensitivity-Based Design, the quality of your designs is quantitatively validated as early as the concept selection stage -- you don’t chase in-production quality.

Changing a single in-production print averages over $1000. Costs to rework or scrap old parts, renegotiate supplier contracts, change tooling, or recall and fix shipped systems are orders of magnitude larger. Embedding saves you these costs every single time a problem is avoided.

Maximize the Value of Analysis

Sensitivity-Based Design provides a sensitivity model of the entire system, not just a solution to a single problem. With this comprehensive understanding of the system, the analysis can be reused to efficiently solve multiple problems through the entire lifespan of the product. As fine-tuning is made to the design, the analysis continues to guide and inform with minimal additional effort and with a clear view of the effect on quality.

What to Expect

We do an initial consultation with your engineers and managers. Next, we spend 1-2 weeks on-site at your facility to evaluate your situation and work with your process champions to  develop a custom deployment plan.

Corporate design strategy consulting is done on a per project basis. Each and every engagement is custom-tailored to your needs.

Bottom Line

Embedding Sensitivity-Based Design refines your current design process to predict and prevent failures caused by variation. Prairiefire custom-tailors the deployment to best suit your company’s needs. Your refined design process maximizes the value of analyses, minimizes testing and in-production changes, and results in a high quality product.

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