What's behind 'Prairiefire's name?

Prairiefire was founded in the Midwest United States, where prairie fires are part of the natural cycle and represent healthy nature and growth.

Prairiefire Consulting started, and continues, with two main focuses: the study and application of variation insensitivity, and the sharing of knowledge. Choosing a company name was a lengthy and difficult decision. Many entertaining names were suggested and some were acceptable, but it took very little time to decide once Prairiefire had been suggested, particularly when looking at the meaning behind the name.

In the heartland of Illinois, the prairie is abundant and found within a couple of miles no matter which way you wander. To a local, the prairie is beautiful and a calming homogeneous perfect structure, but to many it is fields of weeds. Thus Prairiefire sees Perfection from Imperfection™ with all the variation of plant structures in the prairie, the prairie as a whole is perfect and thus Perfection from Imperfection™ can be achieved.

In lore, fire often represents knowledge. The Prairiefire staff methodology of teaching our analysis practices to university students and engineering professionals spreads the knowledge of this process. Like a rapidly spreading prairie fire clearing the ground for fresh growth, by being located at the University of Illinois we have the opportunity to Spread the Knowledge Rapidly™ through student engagement.

The name also represents a necessity of true engineering practice, that we often learn more from failure than from success. Just as a controlled burn is necessary for a prairie to grow back stronger, sometimes stepping back from the current design to the basics of the system leads to the development of a more robust product.