Our work has been applied across multiple industries:

Companies we have supported.
  • Abbott Diabetes Care
  • Allegis Group
  • Bettcher Industries, Inc.
  • Case New Holland
  • Caterpillar
  • Corning Optical Communications
  • Foxconn
  • Hydro-Gear
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • International
  • John Deere
  • Navistar
  • New York Air Brake
  • OSF HealthCare
  • Safe Metal
  • SIMnext
  • Stryker Joint Preservation
  • Terumo Heart
  • Thermo King
  • Trane
  • Great Trango Holdings
  • Whirlpool
"We have been working with Michael for 4 years now, and his passion for and willingness to share knowledge has helped our office secure a niche market and extended the quality design capability of our work."

-- Viorel Manulescu, Director at Geometric

"We hired Prairiefire to analyze a specific region of the unit, as they did the analysis they shared insight in several other areas of the design that we acted on. They have gone beyond the initial scope of the project and interacted at our request with our suppliers in other countries. The solution is yet to be finalized, but their willingness to share insight has most definitely improved the design of our product. Very pleasant and professional firm."

-- Herman Viegas, Principal Engineer at Thermo King

"Quite professional with their interactions and targeting needs and solutions. Interacted with Senior and newer engineers equally well as the shop floor in a remote location. We are looking to work with them in the future to bring more of their capability to our staff through engineering training they offer."

-- Kezhun Li, Manager of Engineering Analysis at Case New Holland

"Michael was instrumental in providing technical expertise as we developed a system of providing low cost x-rays in rural Kenya. We were incorporating new technology with locally available resources in a demanding environment with limited opportunities for repair. He anticipated problems and developed solutions that maximized durability while minimizing cost."

-- Brett Yockey, Resident at Indiana University School of Medicine

"Michael seems to have vast, widely varied experience. Where the audience was somewhat diverse in experience, he managed to present examples relevant to each core group."

-- Eric Fortner, Senior Design Engineer at Caterpillar

"They were able to come in and assess our problems quickly, seemingly from a very wide breadth of experience."

-- Kezhun Li, Manager of Engineering Analysis at Case New Holland