Prairiefire's background

Prairiefire was founded by engineers to provide consulting, application, and education services. We have over 20 years of experience applying Sensitivity-Based Design.

The Sensitivity-Based Design process focuses on product and process quality, ensuring functional requirements and supplier capabilities are captured at every level, from concept through manufacturing. We call our process Sensitivity-Based Design and not Sensitivity Analysis as we go the extra steps to ensure that the efforts of analysis make it into the design, prints, and manufacturing processes.

Before us, this kind of engineering was very hand calculation tedious and relegated to the largest of companies' mission critical systems on a project-by-project basis. After years of developing the unique combination of skills and expertise required, we have developed methodologies and tools to make this type of analysis more economical.

We help you map complex system-level problems and solve them. We make it work at every level: concept, design, manufacturing, and even remanufacturing. Our experience has especially helped the medical and industrial fields, where getting it right the first time really pays off.

From simple tolerance stacks all the way to performance and risk optimization, Prairiefire can help you develop a stable solution.

Sigmetrix Certified Consultants